Name: Kiara

Meaning: Kiara is a girl`s name used in English, it is an alternate form of the girl`s name Ciara. It`s source is "Ciar." Ciar is used in English and Irish Gaelic, it means "Black." However, in Italian, the word Kiara means "Light."

Birthplace: Pride Rock, Pride Lands

Position in the pride: Crown princess by birth

Eye colour: Brown

 Fur colour: Golden orange

Mother: Nala

 Father: Simba

Brother: Kion
(appears in the TV movie/series spin-off The Lion Guard in 2015/2016)

Mate: Kovu

Cubs: None

The cub at the end of TLK: We see at the end of the first movie that Simba and Nala are presenting their cub. Although this cub (at least in my opinion) appears to be male, it`s name and gender is never stated in the movie. It`s just there to mark how the Circle of Life is completed and Simba and Nala lived happily ever after. When SP was being made, the writers decided to make Simbas cub a girl. So Kiara and the cub at the end of TLK is supposed to be the same character, eventhough the cub and the ceremonies are completly different. So the official story in the movies is that Simba and Nala only have one offspring: Their daughter, Kiara.
However, in 2015 they also officially have a son named Kion, their second-born cub. He will appear in a tv-movie autumn 2015 and a spin-off tv series starring Kion and several new animal characters will air in 2016. Kiara is rumoured to appear as she is the future Queen of the Pridelands, and other TLK characters will make cameos as well. No official information is known regarding if Kovu and Vitani will appear or not.

Living relatives: Besides her parents, none of Kiaras relatives are shown in SP. Her grandmothers. Sarafina and Sarabi are believed to have died in the time past between the two movies. The voice talent of Sarabi (Madge Sinclair) passed away before SP was made, it is still unclear if Sarabi would have made an apperance if Sinclair was still alive. The voice talent of Sarafina (Zoe Leader) is listed in the credits for SP, and some belive she is the lioness who says "My how you`ve grown" to Kiara when she goes on her first hunt. The lioness who says this line looks nothing like Sarafina in TLK however.


Animation by Interl - Disney Animations and More 

 Voice Talents: Michelle Horn (cub speaking) Charity Sanoy (cub singing) Neve Campbell (adult speaking),
Liz Calloway
(adult singing)

Kiaras Personality

 Joyful, loving, positive, brave, playful, kind. 

Kiara has a warm heart and likes to help others. As a cub, she is very playful and curious. As an adult, she is loving, wise, kind and brave. It is the love and strong bond that Kiara and Kovu share that helps to bring the Outlanders and Pridelanders back together.

                         Kiara likes:                                       

                 Exploring, stargazing, hunting,                         
                butterflies, flowers, friendship                       
                and helping others.                                          

Kiara dislikes:
Bugs, being teased
getting lectured,
  spied on
and lied to.


The Kiara Alphabet



Credits to KONY for the animation, and Kiara&Kovu (K&K) for this idea.


 A list of words that describe Kiara, following the alphabet!

A - Amazing

B -  Brave

C - Clever

D -  Daring

E - Elegant

F -  Fun

G - Girly

H -Headstrong

I - Intelligent

J - Joyful

K - Kind

L - Loving

M - Mischievous

N - Nice

O - Overprotected

P - Princess

Q - Queen-To-Be

R - Royal

S - Stubborn

T - Trustworthy

U - Understanding

V - Very Cute

W - We Are One

X - Xtremely Cool

Y - Young

Z - Zebra-eater

My characterprofile of Kiara:

Kiara is very playful and curious. She loves to explore, eventhough she`s not allowed to venture far off in the Pride Lands. She is also mischievous, she disobeys her father and goes to the Outlands! I do get the impression that Kiara is generally a good, obedient cub, though. Particularly when Kovu says "Do you always do what Daddy says? Bet you do! Bet you`re Daddy`s little girl!" Seems to me like he hit a nerve with Kiara there, eventhough Kiara proves Kovu wrong simply by standing in front of him. By going to the Outlands, she had disobeyed her father and broken one of his rules.

The reason Simba is so overprotective of his daughter, is simply that he loves her, and wants her to be safe.

 Kiara loves to have fun! She doesn`t like the idea of becoming a queen, because she thinks it is too much responsibilty, and that she`ll never have a chance to relax and have a good time. She hates the idea of being born into a role, to have this weight of having to lead a kingdom resting upon her shoulders from cubhood.

This is easy to understand when you listen to the line she sings in We Are One:
"If there`s so much I must be, can I still just be me, the way I am? Can I trust in my own heart, or am I just one part of some big plan?" 

Kiara seem to dislike it when Simba tells her that she is a part of the Circle of Life, and must find her own place within it. The reason could of course be that she has heard her father talk about this numerous times before, but I think the main reason is that Kiara doesnt like the thought of having her path in life decided for her. As a cub, Simba was extremly exited about becoming king, he looked at it as a chance to do whatever he wanted. Kiara, however, looks at it from the opposite angle.

The first time I saw the movie, I didnt really like Kiara because she seemed silly and spoiled. But after watching the movie several times, I grew to like her. She is not stupid, just pure-minded and a bit naive. She is true to her family and loved ones, she stands up for what she believes in. As she becomes older, she also grows more wise.


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